Late Lunch Shawl

Late Lunch Shawl

Calendar stuffed to overflowing, reminders chiming for this that and the other thing. All you want is a bite of food, to see a friend and maybe a glass of wine to go along with both. It’s a rare thing to have schedules match up right now, but when they do it’s usually for a late lunch. Unfussy, with good company, and just what you need to get through the rest of your day. This shawl is precisely that; a stylish, 3 season shawl with just the right type of geometric lace to not feel fussy. Whether you need a distraction on your needles, or a quick project for a color pop in your capsule wardrobe Late Lunch is just the thing.

My 30s


I’ve watched so many friends head into the new and shiny third decade of their lives with a wide range of emotions and expectations. Worry, excitement, trepidation, curiosity, and indifference were all present. Each experience was individual to each person, but the theme of radical growth tied them all together. Days and years might be hard, but the personal realizations, self acceptance, and changes made it all worthwhile.

This Spring will see me turn 34 but I can say, with all sincerity, that there’s something magical about this decade. Radical personal growth has revolutionized my life. The foundations being laid right now whisper hints towards the amazing things to come as I age and I’m so excited to see what unfolds.

I’ve learned so much about me. Owning who I am, what I need, and what I’ll accept. I’m learning to ration out my spoons to people and situations who are truly worthy of them. Conforming is still a thing I want to do because who doesn’t want to be accepted? But I’ve learned to fight against that urge because being accepted for someone I’m not isn’t actually acceptance.

The practicalities of life are also something I’m learning to accept. Expensive tastes in yarn shouldn’t prevent me from knitting what I want to create, so budget friendly fiber that acts like the fancy counterpart has been a space I’m exploring. Using that yarn to create what I want to wear (not what I think everyone else wants to wear) has been my MO for my 2019 pieces and I’m over the moon excited over what has come off my needles.

This year, my themed line is entitled “My 30s” and each piece will be representative of something I’ve embraced or learned about myself so far. I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Hello Pullover

Hello Pullover

Hello! It’s so good to see you! My gift to you this sweater season is an introduction to how I write garment patterns, so you can enjoy other designs without hesitation. This free sweater is a top down, classic raglan pullover featuring a few touches that make it stand out while still being a wardrobe classic.

With a slightly cropped length, deep scoop neck, and bracelet length sleeves, this pullover is perfectly paired with pants or over a dress. The three stripes on the sleeves will give a break to any monotony, allowing you to push through to bind off with ease. Worked in heavy worsted, it will simply fly off your needles in no time.

I hope to see more of you and soon. xoxo

{mood board} Subscript

Oh, September, you beguile us. Your crisp mornings, and warm afternoons, your occasional fallen leaf that sends us to the mountains for that first hint of color, and your sunshine and shadow that alternately sends us looking for an extra layer….only to shed it a few hours later.

Subscript is my salute to sweater weather for those of us who don’t have the spoons to knit an actual sweater. Worked in a squishy DK, this triple wrap cowl is accented with ribbing and cables that create the perfect cozy accessory for the approaching Fall weather.

Pattern HERE!

Blogpost HERE!



Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. Chill mornings. Star filled nights. Adventuring where your heart leads. The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of adventuring, we just need a few more layers, like Subscript, to keep us warm along the road.

Designed in DK weight, this extra large cowl creates a cozy triple loop around the neck. Worked in the round with a cable bind off, Subscript is a good mix between easy knitting and interesting details to keep you engaged to the end.

Cable instructions are written and charted.

Project Highlights

Let's Have An Adventure!

One of the things I loved about the Fog Along was that so many participants were able to stash dive and work with what they had on hand. No need to wait for shipping or carve out time to go shopping, unless you want to. For our new KAL, Diamond Smackdown, you can work the pattern in whatever yarn you have in your stash or indulge in a new weight and base you haven't tried!


The KAL will be running September 10th - October 10th!  BUT! You can preorder the pattern now on Ravelry for 20% off. The initial download will offer insight into general yardage and needle size for various yarn weights, and your library will be automatically updated on September 10th with the full pattern.


Head over to The Violet Pie's Ravelry group where you can find the thread to sign up, update us on your progress, share pictures, etc! You can also find social media updates under #DSKAL. Another fun carry over from our past Fog Along is weekly Google Hangouts. It'll be happening every Thursday during the KAL from 7:30-8:00p Central. More details about that are over in Ravelry!

Diamond (5).png


Diamond Smackdown is worked wholly in garter stitch (even the lace!) from wing point to wing point. You can work it in any weight you want, just begin the decreases once you've used up half of your yarn! The original piece was knit in a single skien of fingering, and below you'll see samples knit up in a variety of weights!


Of course, no KAL is complete without prizes! If you finish by October 10th, you'll be eligible for one of our THREE prizes. More details about these lovely donations by Crooked Kitchen, Monsoon Calamity, and Le Mouton Rouge on Ravelry!


Is there any better reason than community?

The friendships and connections that sprang to life through the last KAL are still present and growing in my life today. My hope is that this KAL will bring new people into our lives and strengthen standing friendships. 


{mood board} Dog Days of Summer

I am so excited about this mood board! It has a very mid century modern feel to it which I adore! Plus flamingos! 

The Dog Days of Summer cowl is so perfect for all of your summer adventures; that extra little bit of warmth on a windy beach, or an over chilled theater. And a perfect little bit of knit color to your summer wardrobe pieces.

Click here or on the image above to explore the full mood board

Click here to see the design and cast on!

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Heat. Deep days of summer. Hot summer nights. We are all so done with the heat, so done with
the swelter, and desperately want to wear our handknits! 

Dog Days of Summer is perfect for late summer; small enough for your purse, big enough for that wee bit of coverage you need in over air conditioned spaces, and just the right thing for your

knitter soul.

Project Highlights

{sunday inspiration} Fresh



Refreshing. Cool. Crisp.

What a nice thing to think about as we experience the heat of high summer here in the northern hemisphere. I find myself waking in the barely dawn hours to stand at my sliding door and breath in the clean morning air that is, as yet, untainted by heat. Seeking out those moments of crisp coolness is so restorative and begins my day just right.  

Click here, or the image above to check out the full Pinterest board

{mood board} Sockless

Sockless is my solution to falling prey to the beautiful marketing ploys of dyers who pair a sock skein with a single mini skein for heels, toes, and cuffs. I always have the best of intentions, but there are a lot of single socks floating around....

So avoid second sock syndrome altogether and use those beautiful, but languishing sock sets in Sockless!

Click here or the image above to take you to the full inspiration board

Larking About

Larking About

Twitterpated with Summer? Embrace the heat while doing all the things with Larking About to keep you cool and stylish. Since it’s worked seamlessly bottom up, it’s the perfect project to bring to your neighborhood block party. No matter if you choose a statement yarn or color that blends seamlessly with your capsule wardrobe, this is the top your closet needs. 



Project Highlights



If you're anything like me, mini skeins paired with variegated sock yarn offer an irresistible allure but when I get home, I'm faced with the reality that I have a terrible case of single sock syndrome and will never actually make a pair of socks. 

The first in this self titled collection, Sockless is an adorable shawlette designed for those who find themselves in a similar situation. The long garter rows compliment heavily variegated yarn while utilizing a full mini skein for charming pops of color. 



Project Highlights

{sunday inspiration} Clementine



That color. Bold. Saturated or not. Intense and eye catching in all its forms.

Even with as eye catching as it is I've always had a hard time designing and using orange. I want to like it. I want to create with it. It just isn't ever my first choice, or fifth if I'm really being honest. Perhaps I should set a personal goal to design something with this color in mind....some day, maybe.

Italic Shawl

Italic Shawl

Designed to be a part of your daily wardrobe, Italic imparts casual elegance to everything you pair it with. Jeans and a T-shirt for a matinee showing of La La Land or heels and an LBD for a downtown whiskey tasting, Italic imbues every outfit with effortless grace.

For airiness and drape, the main body uses a light fingering, while the contrast ribbing is only 110 grams of standard fingering weight, making it a fantastic stash busting feature.


Wingtip to Wingtip: 74” / 188 cm
Depth (not including tassel length): 16“ / 40.5 cm

Yardage breakdown

Main Color (light fingering): 530 yards
Contrast Color (fingering): 110 yards
Yardage for tassels (fingering): 60 yards

This pattern has been tech edited and test knit for your flawless knitting pleasure. xoxo

Project Highlights

{mood board} Italic Shawl

Italic Shawl

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"  - Coco Chanel 

What began as a “I’m not sure this will work in a shawl” turned into “Wow, that is stunningly elegant” as the design took shape. Italic has its inspiration based in a technique, but is obviously so much more than that; the  simplicity and elegance hints at high fashion, and color choices make it completely personal. I see this shawl in so many places: wrapped around an LBD coming out of a broadway show, thrown over jeans and a tee on a sunny brunch patio, and even on the beach partially hidden by a gloriously giant sun hat.

The versatility of this design made for a very interesting mood board. From the elegant ballerina to an intense color pop in architecture, there is a lot of contrast, and something for everyone. I hope you enjoy seeing the inspiration and love Italic even more! 

Click here for the full mood board

Pattern will release on Wednesday, July 11 in my Ravelry Store!



A couple weeks ago, a terrible thing happened.

My beloved notions bag with all my favorite tools completely disappeared. 

To make matters worse, I didn't have any backups except for child safety paper scissors and scrap yarn. All my second choice tools were in the same bag as my favorites, leaving no designated survivor in case of tragedy. I was completely beside myself with distress. The idea of replacing everything was completely impossible since so many of my favorite things were unique and one of a kind tools carefully currated over the years.


I tore apart my bedroom. The family room was tossed. My car was actually cleaned out in the hunt for my notions bag. All to no avail. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was pretty sure it fell out of my purse while out and about the previous weekend. The notions bag was taller than my actual purse, so I kept my purse unzipped to accommodate. At one point during the weekend, the purse got upended and it was probably there in the restaurant that the notions bag was lost.  

Needless to say, it awkward to call the restaurant and say, "Yeah, did anyone turn in a pink and gold unicorn pencil pouch filled with gold rings, scissors with a tassel, a tape measure, and other odd things?"

Of course, the answer was no. 

By Monday, I had given up hope of ever seeing it again. As a last resort, I asked one of my kids if they had seen it and their answer was "Uh, yeah. It's in the bathroom on top of the dryer".

Clearly, I need to do laundry more frequently. And before you ask -- no, I don't know how or why it was there to begin with. 


I resolved to never take my favorite notions out of the house EVER AGAIN. I took out all my second favorite tools from my beloved pink and gold unicorn bag and was delighted to discover they fit in an Altoids like tin. Sharp scissors, a bit of scrap yarn, stitch markers, darning needle, and a tape measure fit snuggly without having to play tetras and that tin slides perfectly into my purse.

Topping the tin with a mermaid sticker I've been hoarding was the perfect way to make it clearly mine. And a good reminder that "no" is a complete sentence. But that's another blog post for another day. 

Sirius Rising

Sirius Rising

Summer is here! The heat may be building and sunny days multiplying, but we still crave our hand knits. Over air conditioned spaces, cool breezes off the water, and late night concerts in the park are the perfect reason for that extra bit of coverage that Sirius Rising is perfect for. Wherever your summer takes you, look stunning doing it!

Project Highlights

{mood board} Sirius Rising Shawl

Summer is here! The heat may be building and sunny days multiplying, but we still crave our hand knits. Over air conditioned spaces, cool breezes off the water, and late night concerts in the park are the perfect reason for that extra bit of coverage that this shawl is perfect for. Every summer has its own story, make Sirius Rising a part of yours!

Click here or on the image above to explore more of what inspired the design.

I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing Sirius Rising as much as I loved designing it for you!