Behind the Design

Have you ever wondered about where my designs come from? How they get from my brain to my needles to you, and if there were any stops along the way? Well, that's what this Behind the Design feature spotlights! With words and images it will give Patrons an intimate look at my designs.

Bobble Paw Shawl - Whats up with the bear?

Juxtaposition - Transitional garments and why they mean so much to me.

Etta - A 5 color sweater that doesn't look like a random patchwork....can it be done? 

Weathervane - Inspired by yarn, and music.

Did you know that every design has colors, sketches, words, feelings, images, and even occasionally quotes and memes associated with it beyond what you can find highlighted on mood board Mondays? I can't wait to show you everything Behind the Design!

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