{sunday inspiration} #placesyoucanknit

I know I've asked this in the podcast, but I'd like to explore the question again.

Where do you knit?

Knitting in itself can be transportive; combine it with a beautiful locale and its downright dreamy. It's one of the things I love about vacation knitting. 

But sometimes knitting is a "bit of something to do" while you are getting from one place to another. In these situations, its all about the knitting and not about the where. You can focus on the rhythm of the needles and the movement of the yarn through your fingers; meditative and sometimes serves as escapism.

So, where do you knit? Will you tell me? Leave a comment below with your favorite place to knit. Or you can show me! Use the hashtag #placesyoucanknit on Instagram, and tag @thevioletpie too, I would love to see! The image above links to the pinterest board where you can find many other knitters and their #placesyoucanknit.