I'm a knitter who loves notions. I feel underdressed for knitting if I don't at least have scissors, measuring tape, and tapestry needle! So I've compiled a notions bag that lives in my purse at all times. I never go anywhere without my purse because of my epi pen, so I'm almost always guaranteed to have my notions with me.

My notions are as follows:

  • A pair of small, snippy scissors
  • Length of smooth scrap yarn 
  • Slender crochet hook 
  • 10 stitch markers held on a safety pin
  • Tube with tapestry needles
  • Cable needle
  • Pen
  • Tape measure

All held in an amazing and wonderful bag covered in unicorns by from the seeds. This is, hands down, my favorite notions bag because it's holds just enough and doesn't let anything poke through the sides without being a hard case. Amber's currently on maternity leave to spend time with her darling new Olive, but you can catch updates on her Instagram if you want to be charmed by her sweet family and lovely creations.

What about you? What are the notions you absolutely must have? Or are you one of those crafters who live on the edge without notions at all? If you're on social media, snap a picture of your notions and share with all of us! Be sure to use #whatsinyournotionsbag so we can all follow along.