Dallas Ann modeling her new design: the Boardwalk pullover

Dallas Ann modeling her new design: the Boardwalk pullover

Hello there! I'm Susan, a mama, a knitter, and a proud piece of the behind the scenes of The Violet Pie.I thought it would be fun to find out a little bit more about the design process that went into "BOARDWALK", the new pattern coming out on Tuesday, and floated the idea by Dallas Ann yesterday. She LOVED it! So here it is, a mini interview sharing with you a little bit of what went into this perfect for summer pattern!

The colors you used for Boardwalk are so bright and happy; were you inspired by yarn colors or did the pattern idea come first? It all coalesced at the same time! I wanted to do non traditional color work, but couldn't decide if I wanted to do non traditional color or non traditional technique. So ultimately I embraced the power of "and" by incorporating both perceived options into the project. 

What do you like best about Boardwalk?
The bobble bind off. It evokes such a sense of summer and just straight up happiness for me. 

Do you have a favorite place to find inspiration, or does it find you?
It tends to find me through experiences in life or visual combinations of color and texture I see in the wild. 

Tell me a couple of things you enjoyed from the testing group 
I loved how everyone took me literally when I said "pick what colors you want" and seeing the vibrant combinations come forth. Combinations I never would have put together have best utterly delightful to see and have made me literally squee with happiness IRL. 

Boardwalk is your first big pattern release, was it hard to put it out there? 
Technically it wasn't the first return release, my birthday shawl was, and while there is more time invested in an article of clothing, Bobble Paw held much more emotional weight for me. Boardwalk is an easy and fun summer knit where inspiration and a design coalesced into a great piece, and I'm excited for its release!"

Thank you Dallas Ann for letting us take a peek into your creative process <3