{irl} Knitting on the Road


I'm officially on vacation for the entire week in the Windy City! Well, a trip would be the more accurate term since children are involved. As discussed in previous podcasts, vacations with young kids never actually becomes a "vacation" but rather a trip.  

I had high ambitions for my knitting productivity on this trip. I brought the supplies for a cotton Aran weight lace tank and everything needed to complete a sport weight linen blend shawl. I originally cast on for the tee, but I just wasn't feeling it on the 3 hour drive here (carsick puking kids might have something to do with it). I think tomorrow I'm going to attempt the shawl and if THAT doesn't fall into place. Well. I might have to detail plans to find a yarn store ASAP for inspiration. 

You can follow along with my knitting in public adventures in real time over at The Violet Pie Instagram. I'm trying out the IG story feature, too, which is fun.