Party Favor Shawl

Party Favor Shawl

Some of my most treasured party favors from past celebrations have been items that remind me of the person celebrated. This free shawl is the favor for you from my birthday this year. It encapsulates my love of bold gradients, fun finishing touches, and a delicate wearable size all in one charming piece. It features a lace reminiscent of confetti and an edging designed to mimic the crepe paper streamers of childhood. 

I hope you wear it and think of me.


Project Highlights

{sunday inspiration} Garter


I have a mixed relationship with the stitch...I adore its squishiness, but will most certainly expire from boredom when it comes to actually knitting it. 

It's showing up everywhere, from bags to hats to slippers. Quick and versatile, great for beginners and expert, the options are truly endless!

Click on the image to access the complete collection of garter inspiration on Pinterest. xoxo


April Showers

April Showers

April Showers is an open-front cardigan full of swing and bounce. Inspired by Spring, the lower half mimics the underside of the season's ubiquitous umbrella. The built in i-cord edge complements the rolled edge on the front and sleeves, contrasting with the raw edge of the almost scalloped hem.

As this design was starting to percolate in the back of my mind, I found a local artist online by the name of Jessica McGhee. Her vulnerability and genuine honesty as she shared her journey spoke to me on a deeply personal level. The words and images she shared encouraged me to continue to pursue my dreams as she sought out her own. When I discovered her new mural had a Spring-like quality to it, I knew exactly where April Shower's pictures had to be taken. As we were wrapping up the photo shoot, Jessica herself showed up to put the finishing touches on the other end of the mural! It was lovely to have that moment of connection and to share a bit of my own experiences with her.

This pattern is 100% FREE and published in Knitty Spring + Summer 2018!

Project Highlights

A Happy Accident


Many months ago, Authoress was testing a completely different pattern for me. She excitedly shared some WIP pictures so we could ooooh and ahhhh over the gorgeous yarn choice. It took me until the next day to realize that the texture wasn't quite right. The stitch pattern was lovely but not what I had actually written.

My brain bees were BUZZING over emailing her about the overall pattern mistake. Not because I thought Authoress would be rude or resistant to correcting the project but because frogging can be THE WORST THING EVER. Who wants to be the bearer of bad news? Certainly not me!

She was gracious and kind about it and frogged without complaint. But the texture stuck with me and before I knew it, a new design took hold in my mind and The Great Mistake was born. It has been such a beautiful reminder that good things can come out of almost any situation, even those involving frogging. 

You can find out more about The Great Mistake pattern here!

Great Mistake Cowl

Great Mistake Cowl

Once upon a time, there was a knitter who loved the pattern she was testing. She started off working the stitch in a way that didn’t look like everyone else’s projects, but was also pretty amazing. From that happy accident a whole new design came to life, creating a lovely happily ever after to a frogging situation.

Worked in the round from the bottom up, Great Mistake is all one piece from cast on to bind off. A little bit of ribbing that flows into an all over texture makes a scrumptious and squishy cowl to see us all through the final days of cold weather.


{sunday inspiration} Mikado Yellow

In the depths of winter, on those days when mother nature teases me with sunshine, there are fleeting moments when I swear I can feel that hint of spring. I focus that longing for the earth to bloom again with warmth, and go searching for inspiration in color.

Mikado Yellow: bold warmth, with an edge of freshness. Not quite yellow, not quite orange, a tantalizing in-between.

I hope it inspires you too

Pinterest Board can be found HERE

{mood board} Header

Friends. Community. Sometimes they're not always next door, or even a half hour away. Sometimes they're MUCH farther than that and the distance weighs heavily. The inspiration for Header is self care, and that means community too. Taking care of and being taken care of, one for you and one for a friend. An act of love for both. 

Header Pattern found HERE

Pinterest Board found HERE

Fog Along 2018 FO Inspiration

Fog: A Shawl Recipe has over 30 FO pages on Raverly. I loved looking through the various on the Fog theme as I searched for inspiration for my own Fog shawl for the KAL. I loved every single FO and have pulled some of those to showcase the versatility of the Fog Shawl! Be sure to follow on social media for what specifically struck me on each of the shawls.

I'd love to have you join us for the Fog Along and make your own Fog Shawl! Why don't you check the Knit Along thread over on Ravelry and say hi?

Header Headband

Header Headband

Sometimes, people in your community need tangible care and comfort but they live too far away to bring them groceries or do their laundry. Header is designed to be that little something that’s easy to mail to your long distance community. As a fun cabled knit with a pop of color, you can easily raid your stash and whip it up over the weekend in time for the mail on Monday morning. Once your package is safely on it’s way, you’ll have time to create one for yourself, too.



{mood board} Color Shot Mitts

We all could benefit from being kind to ourselves. This season can be hard and difficult to navigate, so cozy and comforting choices are necessary to see ourselves to Spring.

Click the image above to see the full mood board inspiration for my Color Shot Mitts

Fog Along 2018 COLORS


Color Maven, present and accounted for!

Fog Along 2018.png

Below, you will find some of my favorite indie dyers who offer lace and fingering weight yarns. The image only shows my personal favorite pairing, so be sure to click on the image to go to their website and explore.

If you need help sorting through options online or in your stash, head over to Ravelry and let me know! 

Fog Along 2018

Fog Along 2018.png

Let's kick knitting ennui together

When melancholy overtakes us, it can feel impossible to pull ourselves out into the sun. Working up a soothing pattern for a shawl that can feature colors that awaken your soul is a time tested, knitter approved option to rediscover joy again.

Let's build community together

No one should do this alone. Why don't you join me and other lovely individuals for a knit along over on Ravelry. We can all Fog Along together with my free shawl pattern called "Fog: A Shawl Recipe". The beauty of this pattern is its versatility. You knit until you're ready to change things up, then you switch to the next section. You can't knit it wrong. It looks lovely as a shawlette as it does a giant public approved wearable blanket! If you join in over at Ravelry, you'll have a built in community to cheer you on every stitch of the way.

Let's pick color together

Fog is worked in fingering and lace weight held together. It's the perfect stash busting pattern OR the ideal enabler to order from that one amazing dyer you've been eyeing f o r e v e r. Over on Ravelry, you'll find your personal color maven who is willing to help you through every potential color pairing you're considering. Also, check out this additional blog post for our favorite indie dyers.

Let's Fog Along together

There's a lot more to discover about this KAL. Prizes and online hangouts are outlined on Ravelry. Be sure to keep an eye out on social media under #FogAlong2018 for all those visual updates we love.

I hope to see you soon.


Knit Circus GIVEAWAY

Knit Circus!.png

These two 50 gram skeins of yarn from Knit Circus are on their Ringmaster base in the colorway "I'm a Lumberjack...".

It can be on YOUR needles if you are subscribed to The Violet Pie's newsletter by 02/11/18.

Giveaway has ended and we're waiting to hear back from the winner! Still be sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to keep up to date on all the new and exciting things happening here at The Violet Pie! xoxo

Winner will be announced via blog, email, and social media and winner has 48 hours to respond with mailing address before alternate winner is drawn. Open to international entries, void where prohibited by law. 

Color Shot Mitts


Dark winter days filled with bitter cold, not even a sliver of blue sky can be found. Ennui sets in and tints everything in an film of gray. Picking up the knitting needles can be a challenge and the only solution to shaking off the angst is bright colors worked into an quick gratification project. 

Color Shot Mitts meets all those requirements and also offers a variety of modifications, creating an almost "Choose Your Own Adventure" environment, certain to chase away apathy and gloom.



{mood board} Geopoint

Throwbacks, geometric shapes, bold stripes, and contrasting points inspired everything about Geo Point. Be sure to click on the image above to enjoy the moodboard inspiration for the hat. Don't forget see how all of this translated into becoming a hat over at the post about Geo Point!

Geo Point

Geo Point

Hat band is knit at then joined in the round with Three Needle Bind-Off. The hat is then picked up along the slipped stitch edge and worked up in the round through the colorwork chart and decreased to a charming point.

Project Highlights

{sunday inspiration} #placesyoucanknit

I know I've asked this in the podcast, but I'd like to explore the question again.

Where do you knit?

Knitting in itself can be transportive; combine it with a beautiful locale and its downright dreamy. It's one of the things I love about vacation knitting. 

But sometimes knitting is a "bit of something to do" while you are getting from one place to another. In these situations, its all about the knitting and not about the where. You can focus on the rhythm of the needles and the movement of the yarn through your fingers; meditative and sometimes serves as escapism.

So, where do you knit? Will you tell me? Leave a comment below with your favorite place to knit. Or you can show me! Use the hashtag #placesyoucanknit on Instagram, and tag @thevioletpie too, I would love to see! The image above links to the pinterest board where you can find many other knitters and their #placesyoucanknit. 



Crisp laid lines, close set buildings, and twisting city traffic, this cardigan parallels them all. Reflected here is the industrial monotone that is always underlined in color. Bold lines of a newly striped street, pops of vibrancy in a flowered window box, these and more are echoed in the slash of color provided by the Underline ribbing.

Worsted weight and top down construction ensures this design will be a gratifying knit. Since the set in sleeves are worked in short rows without seaming, you’re done when you bind off! Pockets are optional but always encouraged. This cardigan is a beautiful fixture and carries you flawlessly through your days as life bustles around you.


Project Highlights

{mood board} Odetta

A little sassy, a little sweet, sometimes irreverent, and always doing her own thing. 

Odetta is the little sister that just simply won't go away, but you don't really want her to. She has found herself and her people. Makes you think of fashion in an utterly different way, and works so well with a leather jacket. 

Check out more of what makes Odetta tick on the Pinterest board


First Edition

First Edition

The gentle high low hem of First Edition dips perfectly in the back to wear with leggings, if pants feel like oppression on any given day. Cozy sleeves and a texture pattern echoing classic book end papers, the asymmetric neckline tops off the piece with a quirky touch of perfection.