My 30s


I’ve watched so many friends head into the new and shiny third decade of their lives with a wide range of emotions and expectations. Worry, excitement, trepidation, curiosity, and indifference were all present. Each experience was individual to each person, but the theme of radical growth tied them all together. Days and years might be hard, but the personal realizations, self acceptance, and changes made it all worthwhile.

This Spring will see me turn 34 but I can say, with all sincerity, that there’s something magical about this decade. Radical personal growth has revolutionized my life. The foundations being laid right now whisper hints towards the amazing things to come as I age and I’m so excited to see what unfolds.

I’ve learned so much about me. Owning who I am, what I need, and what I’ll accept. I’m learning to ration out my spoons to people and situations who are truly worthy of them. Conforming is still a thing I want to do because who doesn’t want to be accepted? But I’ve learned to fight against that urge because being accepted for someone I’m not isn’t actually acceptance.

The practicalities of life are also something I’m learning to accept. Expensive tastes in yarn shouldn’t prevent me from knitting what I want to create, so budget friendly fiber that acts like the fancy counterpart has been a space I’m exploring. Using that yarn to create what I want to wear (not what I think everyone else wants to wear) has been my MO for my 2019 pieces and I’m over the moon excited over what has come off my needles.

This year, my themed line is entitled “My 30s” and each piece will be representative of something I’ve embraced or learned about myself so far. I can’t wait to share it all with you.