Header Headband

Header Headband

Sometimes, people in your community need tangible care and comfort but they live too far away to bring them groceries or do their laundry. Header is designed to be that little something that’s easy to mail to your long distance community. As a fun cabled knit with a pop of color, you can easily raid your stash and whip it up over the weekend in time for the mail on Monday morning. Once your package is safely on it’s way, you’ll have time to create one for yourself, too.



{mood board} Color Shot Mitts

We all could benefit from being kind to ourselves. This season can be hard and difficult to navigate, so cozy and comforting choices are necessary to see ourselves to Spring.

Click the image above to see the full mood board inspiration for my Color Shot Mitts

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These two 50 gram skeins of yarn from Knit Circus are on their Ringmaster base in the colorway "I'm a Lumberjack...".

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Color Shot Mitts


Dark winter days filled with bitter cold, not even a sliver of blue sky can be found. Ennui sets in and tints everything in an film of gray. Picking up the knitting needles can be a challenge and the only solution to shaking off the angst is bright colors worked into an quick gratification project. 

Color Shot Mitts meets all those requirements and also offers a variety of modifications, creating an almost "Choose Your Own Adventure" environment, certain to chase away apathy and gloom.