{after hours} New Adventures

Oh hey!!! My last episode for Season 1 of Knitting Myself Together dropped today and it's bittersweet. The feelings of accomplishment for learning so much during Season 1 (thank you for your patience!) is amazing but knowing I need to take a break until September 21st is hard because I really like talking with you. I'll still be online on social media, doing the good ol' Instagram and Facebook but there's something about verbal communication that really makes me tick. Probably because at heart, I'm a verbal processor. Either way, I don't want to go all the way until September 21st without chatting with you!

So. Here I am, trying something new (to me). I know videos are A Thing for knitters on YouTube but I've never really gotten into it. Audio only is really where my heart is. That being said, a number of you have asked if I'd do videos, so I'm giving it a try. This first video is public and 100% free. Moving forward, all videos during the hiatus for Knitting Myself Together will available exclusively to my Patreon supporters

If you enjoyed our conversation in this new format, do me a favor and check out things over at Patreon. You'll see a wide range of ways you can support me and my endeavors. Every single level of support will receive exclusive access to these videos, but there are some great additional perks for the higher levels of support as well. Everything from access to a private Facebook group to you receiving FREE patterns at each release. There's even a level where I knit something for you! But seriously, even $2.00 a month is an incredible and humbling thing to receive from my community. 

If your budget can't support one more line item to have access to the upcoming videos (trust me, I know those feels!), the audio podcast will remain free and I'll rejoin that conversation on September 21st. 

Until next time,

Dallas Ann xoxo