Fog: A Shawl Recipe


“Fog: a shawl recipe” was designed with those impulse buy, hand-painted, lace weight, forever in your stash, squishy, gorgeous skeins in mind. Finally, a pattern to justify the the irresistible call of indulgence which regardless of attention span, will yield a beautiful, wearable handknit shawl.


My guidelines are simply suggestions. If anything is vital to the end result of the pattern, it will be underlined. Even that is questionable, as you may have an even better solution than what I’m presenting. This recipe assumes basic knowledge such as what a garter ridge is, how to pick up stitches, etc.

The point of this recipe is to enable you, the knitter, to have the freedom to indulge in all the gorgeous lace weight you want, create a spectacular and wearable finished creation, all while being able to knit it with potential brain fog because it’s so straightforward. Knit until you’ve hit a good stopping point in the color changes, knit until you get bored with the current section, knit until you get a whim to switch. There is no right or wrong here, just what makes your crafting heart sing.