Season 1 Bonus - Stitches Midwest!

Show Notes

In which I give a quick squee about Stitches Midwest, tell you my phone number, and talk about vlogging.

Episode 105 It's Not Goodbye

Show Notes:

In which we unpack a third reason why I knit in public, building community, talk about the upcoming Season 2, and I ask you a favor while feeling like we're in kindergarten again.

Episode 104 Interview with Mindy!

In which I update on my sweater o' doom (spoiler alert: DONE!), talk about a giveaway, and vacation on a broken foot. Then Mindy joins you and I for a hilarious discussion that involves rocket scientists, our favorite projects, Macklemore, and so much more.  

Episode 103 Stuff Just Got Real

In which I get real with you about the struggle I have with designing in a vacuum, how social media helps negate that, and three projects that I'm SUPER excited about. Also, a call out for ideas on how you and I can connect more.

Episode 102 The Places You Will Go

In which you and I talk about the romance of knitting on public transit and on airplanes, the amazing awesomeness of the YarnOver Truck, and the lengths we go to never ever (EVER) run out of yarn while traveling.

Episode 101 Have Knitting, Will Travel

In which you and I chat about knitting in the wild, the time I regretted never learning to darn socks, places I absolutely will not knit, and tell you about a birthday surprise!