Episode 304 Curses


What to do when you HAVE to knit but nothing is turning out right? Cursed yarn? Self doubt? What? How do we cope with this terrible situation that so many of us find ourselves in? Also, some behind the scenes details on April Showers, my latest design that was released in Knitty, Spring + Summer 2018!

April Shower on Knitty (OMG!)

Fog Along KAL

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Season 3 Bonus : I'm In Knitty!


I was published in Knitty! What? How is this real life? I couldn't our next regularly scheduled time to talk about it, so brace yourself for some squeeing. Also! A bit of info on how we can connect if you're new here. xoxo

April Showers on Ravelry!

Episode 302

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Episode 303 When You're Around


Inspiration. Where does it come from? How can we sustain it? Where do my ideas come from? All that and more, including some special voicemails, are in this episode. PLUS! KAL updates!

Fog Along KAL

Fiber Artwork FB Live video

Knit Circus

Julie on Instagram and Ravelry

When You're Around, performed by Good and Strange

Episode 302 Please Don't Touch My Feet


One way to break through ennui is through self care. What is self care? Is it just pedicures and a glass of wine? What about being kinder to ourselves with our internal conversation?  

New pattern release since last we spoke:


I'm hosting a Fog Along (aka a KAL) over on Ravelry!

Blog post about Fog Along

Color + Base suggestions and offer of help from our personal Color Maven

Past Fog FO inspiration


Episode 301 Violet Eyes


Kntting ennui... What is it? Different times and places can be framed in ennui, impacting knitting ability. Sometimes, knitting makes it worse (what??). Listen for these stories and more.

New pattern releases since last we spoke:

The Knotty Lamb is the yarn store that helped me vanquish designer imposter syndrome for the first time!

Knit Circus provided yarn support for the Color Shot Mitts pattern that released today, along with yarn for a G I V E A W A Y! Sign up for The Violet Pie's newsletter to be entered to win delicious yarn.