Episode 205 All The Swatching


In this episode, you and I talk all about affordable budget yarn and the way various big box store yarn swatches hold up when put through their paces

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Episode 204 KNITTY GRITTY: Stash Management


Oh boy. The day after Halloween is a doozy, so we get to hang out while I'm a bit loopy from exhaustion! Today we're going to chat about stash management and a bunch of other things that roll from my brain and out my mouth. That ranges from giveaway winners to an upcoming pattern release and so much more!

Episode 203 The Season of Gift Knitting Is Upon Us (...or not)

New pattern release! Giveaway! Test Knitting! So many exclamation points!!! Our topic today is knitting for other people with the pressure of the holiday season and what happens when I just quit on knitting for anyone outside my immediate family. Plus your voicemails and ideas for gift knitting if you haven't gotten everything figured out yet. ALSO: Patreon video chat hang out this Saturday, October 21st. I hope to see you there! xoxo 
NOTE: This podcast was recorded before the death of Gord Downie, the lead singer for the Tragically Hip, which is why he's referenced as still living. </3

Episode 202 Oh Hey! It's Susan!

Join me as I chat with my right hand gal, Susan. She's the person who keeps me going, offers perspective (even when I might not want it), and tests knits basically everything I design. Plus details about a GIVEAWAY and your voicemails!

Episode 201 I've Missed You!

I've missed you so much! Back for Season 2 and not a moment too soon. I'm excited to chat with you about knitting for others and how I've handled it being my job. Also, your voicemails!